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Sweater Knit
Chain Stitch Workshop


During the two hour workshop taught by owner, Michelle Fleischer, attendees will learn how to embroider a sweater using the chain stitch with chunky yarn. Attendees will embroider a name or initial and stitch it on a sweater. It's a great opportunity to turn a piece of clothing into something special and unique! This event can also be a BYOB night out! Event name ideas include: Stitch & Sip, Stitch & Gift (for the holidays), Kvetch & Stitch, and Design & Stitch.

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Although this is a social event and not a technical workshop, it is super helpful to have participated in the Embroidery Basics Workshop or have some experience with hand embroidery/hand sewing.

Experience Required?

Take your embroidery to the next level with hands-on instruction!


Each participant will get their own embroidery kit to keep with all supplies needed except the sweater they would like to stitch. The take-home kit includes a ball of yarn in a color of your choice, needle, water soluble pen, practice material, and scissor ($25 value). Attendees can use the pen to freehand a simple word or design to stitch on the clothing.

What else should I know?

Duration: 2 hours*  Min: 6**; Max: 25 attendees $75 per person *Most people schedule these events on a weeknight between 7:30-9:30pm. ​**For those hosting a house party, the host is free with 7 paying attendees.

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