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Sweater Knit
Chain Stitch Workshop


During the two hour workshop taught by owner, Michelle Fleischer, attendees will learn how to embroider a sweater using the chain stitch with chunky yarn. Attendees will embroider a name or initial and stitch it on a sweater. I will also show you how to embroider daisies. It's a great opportunity to turn a piece of clothing into something special and unique! This event can also be a BYOB night out.

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Although this is a social event and not a technical workshop, it is super helpful to have participated in the Embroidery Basics Workshop or have some experience with hand embroidery/hand sewing.

Experience Required?

Take your embroidery to the next level with hands-on instruction!


Each participant will get their own embroidery kit to keep with all supplies needed except the sweater they would like to stitch. The take-home kit includes a yarn friendly needle, 8in hoop (6in hoop was provided in Level 1), water soluble pen and practice material. There will be multiple yarn colors available that you can use to design your project.

What else should I know?

Duration: 2 hours*  Contact us about minimums and pricing *Most people schedule these events on a weeknight started at 7-7:30. ​**For those hosting a house party, contact us about host perks!

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