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Embroidery Babes

Like many others, I struggled with infertility, which led to anxiety and depression. I discovered that hand embroidery gave me an outlet to be creative, reduced my anxiety and helped me get through this difficult stage of my life.

After having my daughter by IVF, I decided to turn my passion into a business and started Embroidery Babes in 2022. Embroidery Babes has grown to offer specialty clothing and accessories as well as embroidery events in the NJ/NY area. 

My goal is to share my infertility story to help others struggling feel less alone.  

What customers are saying...


Embroidery Babes did a stitch and sip event for me last week for a mom’s group that I run. It was AMAZING!! We had the best time and Michelle was a fantastic teacher. Everyone has been raving (and embroidering everything in our houses 😂)! If you’re looking for a fun activity for a moms night out, birthday party, or bachelorette - reach out to Michelle!! Would highly highly recommend!!!



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